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Dental implants are highly popular restorative dental structures requested by individuals who desire to replace one or more missing teeth. The leading dental implants providers at Clínica Gadea Ramírez have performed thousands of implants procedures that have resulted in confident, brilliant smiles. Read on to learn more about these procedures and the treatment approach of the highly skilled San Jose dental implants experts at Clínica Gadea Ramírez.

Dental Implants: What Are They?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that can be placed in the maxilla or the mandible. The implants create a solid base for a dental restoration, such a single porcelain crown. In addition, an implant can serve as an anchor for more extensive restorative dental structures, such as dentures. Implants are the most natural and healthy way to replace lost teeth, allowing our dental implants patients to chew, smile and talk securely and comfortably.

Dental implants are made of titanium because this metal doesn’t reject tissues and fits perfectly with the bone. At Clínica Gadea Ramírez, we use only the best implants available, such as ZIMMER, 3i and MIS.

Am I a Candidate?

When you lose one or more of your teeth, both the look and function of your mouth are affected. If a missing tooth is not replaced, the other teeth will suffer an “overload” that will eventually damage them. In addition, missing teeth can lead to gastric problems as the food is not chewed properly. By receiving dental implants, you can restore both the beauty and the functionality of your mouth.

In some cases, the region where the missing tooth is located has no bone for the implant. To help Costa Rica dental implants patients who do not have enough bone tissue to support the implant, Clínica Gadea Ramírez can perform the bone graft procedure. Depending on the quality and quantity of the grafted bone, the patient might receive a dental restoration right away or six months later.

Typically, the dental implants procedure has two stages. First, we place the implant. Six months later, we place the crown. In certain instances, Clínica Gadea Ramírez might perform the immediate implant procedure. In this case, Dr. Rodolfo Gadea, Dr. Marisel Ramirez, or Dr. Magali Carvajal performs both stages at the same time. Which procedure is the best for each dental implants patient depends on a variety of factors, including the overall dental health, the bone structure, the preferred restoration type, and the patient’s aesthetic desires.

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