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At the cosmetic dentist offices of Clínica Gadea Ramírez, we understand that your smile is your most effective “business card.” A beautiful smile is one of the most important factors that make up a pleasing, likable appearance. This is why Clínica Gadea Ramírez is dedicated to helping all of our patients achieve an attractive smile through a variety of advanced procedures, including full mouth reconstruction in Costa Rica.

Full Mouth Restoration Experts

Clínica Gadea Ramírez uses metal-free dental restorations because they look more attractive, are more comfortable, and do not wear out. The main features of these materials are compatibility, lasting white color, and good mechanic resistance. Depending on the needs and desires of each full mouth reconstruction Costa Rica patient, the experts at Clínica Gadea Ramírez might combine several dental techniques and materials to deliver truly remarkable smile makeover results.

Full Mouth Reconstruction at Clínica Gadea Ramírez

At Clínica Gadea Ramírez, we recognize that people seek cosmetic dentistry for many reasons. Some patients desire a perfect mouth, others simply want a whiter smile, and yet others wish to correct an array of functional problems, such as decay, trauma or destroyed teeth. Some individuals just want to look younger by maintaining healthy, beautiful-looking teeth and gums. We can help achieve all of these goals through a variety of treatments ranging from simple tooth whitening to comprehensive full mouth reconstruction procedures.

Clínica Gadea Ramírez uses state-of-the-art equipment, the most advanced techniques, and the best dental products on the market so that our full mouth reconstruction patients can achieve the smile they have always wanted.

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