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Hello Dr. Gadea,

I made it home safe and have had a few days to get used to the idea of having a different smile.

I need to express to you how grateful I am that you were completely honest with me from the start, were thorough, and compassionate towards my anxiety needs.

It goes without saying, my smile is exactly how I have always wished it would be and that is all thanks to how passionate you are about the art of dentistry . It was evident every step of the way that I wasn’t ‘just another patient’ to breeze through. You clearly enjoy what you do thus making the end result perfection.

I have already recommended you and your clinic to several of my friends that have been considering extensive dental work, in fact can’t speak more highly of you.

Your professionalism and how personable and friendly you are was impeccable.

I will be writing the same feedback in reviews all over social media. I can’t take you enough.

I hope to see you soon for the dental implant!!

Best Regards,
Veronica D.
Toronto, Canada

After reading a lot of reviews for dental service I made my choice with Doctor Gadea dental clinic in San Jose. I set appointment with Dr. Gadea in February 2013. Rehabilitation included 11 veneers, 3 porcelain crowns and 2 cups over existing implants. I am very happy with the result I got. My teeth look very natural, I tried to avoid very bright colour of veneers and wanted them to be translucent like natural teeth are. Doctor Gadea did excellent job, I am absolutely happy with my new smile. I got temporary teeth between 2 appointments while I was travelling in CR with my family. During that week I also did not have any concerns, just was careful with dense food.It was hard decision for me, my dentist in Seattle did not recommend to get this treatment in Costa Rica. Of course, I would spend 65% more doing it in my home town! On the other hand I realised that it might be a big risk if the dentist you choose is not good in restorative / cosmetic treatment. I am happy I made right choice, I received great service for very affordable price. Thank you, Doctor Gadea and your staff for excellent job! I got a lot of complements upon my return to US. I highly recommend Dr. Gadea clinic to everyone who needs restorative / cosmetic service.

Treatments: Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns

Victoria P.
United States

Highly recommend Dr. Rodolfo Gadea’s Clinic. I am very pleased with the results. I had extensive dental work to do, and have been wanting to take care of it for a long time. Before I came, Dr. Gadea took the time to answer all of my questions via email, including a treatment plan, etc. I did the whole treatment in 2 stages with 2 different visits to Costa Rica, the first one week, and the second about 12 days. 
Dr. Gadea and his team were very professional, and provided excellent service and care. Dr. Gadea is a master at what he does. He speaks excellent English, and his work is very comparable to US standards, but with much better prices. I have been getting a lot of compliments about my teeth, and couldn’t have had better results, both for health and looks!

Christina H.
California, United States

I am very satisfied!
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I am very satisfied with the job done at this clinic. The staff was extremely friendly and very professional. Dr. Gadea took his time to explain what needed to be done and what options I had. Since I had limited time in Costa Rica he planned the job in an effective way. Everything went smoothly. It shows that he likes what he does and takes pride in making a good job. I came with several problems and left with a perfect smile! If you choose Dr. Gadea you would be in good hands!

Treatments: Whitening, dental crown, veneers, fillings

Roger B.

I am 100% satisfied
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I came to Costa Rica from the US last February for a 10 day vacation. I spoke with Dr. Gadea before my trip and scheduled an appointment the day after my arrival. I was fitted for 2 crowns and had my teeth cleaned. I scheduled my final visit 1 week later and had my permanent crowns put in. I was also fitted for and received a mouth guard that same day. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of service and certainly do recommend this clinic!

Treatments: 2 crowns, teeth cleaned, mouth guard

Camp Douglas, US

I am perfectly happy
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I was pressed for time, so when Dr Gadea answered my original email, I told him the exact details of the treatment I required, and he was especially positive in his several immediate answers. I had already been to another clinic at home, and had received my diagnosis.
He took the initiative, and had me come in to his clinic, and arranged for an exceptional Endodontist, Dr Roberto Hernandez to attend me sight unseen. Dr. Hernandez provided me a complex root canal with 4 canals in a molar over a two hour period. I feel that he too, was especially competent and professional.
Then Dr. Gadea immediately did a core buildup with post,and prepared a full crown for the next two hours, all on the same visit.
I returned two days later for the final fitting of a full gold crown. There were no complications and I am perfectly happy and satisfied with their work. It has been six weeks since, and I have never had such competent, courteous and professional dental service anywhere. 
Dr. Gadea even spent an extra hour with me afterwards, insuring that I had all the necessary paperwork and forms to bill my insurance company for reimbursement when I returned home to the U.S. He was familiar with the details, and I have had no problems with that procedure either.
He has also kindly initiated several emails in the past month to follow up with me to insure that everything remains well. No dentist has ever done that for me before.
His charges were lower than many of the other clinics in San Jose, as well.
I strongly and absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone

Paradise, CA, USA

I would absolutely recommend this clinic
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I am writing this letter of recomendation not just to anyone considering dental work in Costa Rica who, like I, wants to escape the high costs in the United States; but to anyone considering dental work. I began by visting dentists in the U.S. to have a procedure mapped out and priced and through this I realized I would lose all my teeth.Then about 8 months ago I met someone who had dental treatment overseas who said the work was the finest quallity and inexpensive. This is how I found Dr. Gadea. I had contacted quite a few dentists around the world and Dr. Gadea was not only the first to respond, but was careful to outline a procedure and price it so that I was able to understand everthing that I could expect from a visit to his office. In the meantime my Mother decided to accompany me to address her dental needs as well. She is 82 years old and because of this I realized I would need to plan this trip as carefully and completely as possible. We settled on Dr. Gadea having only five or six email exchanges, but trusted him.
This first appointment reassured me we had made the right choice. Dr. Gadea was very gentle and kind in a manner that put us to ease, and his office is as well or better equipped than any I had been to here in the States. His first examination was thorough and his diagnosis no different than any I had heard during my previous examinations . What he did do that was completely different for my Mother and I was to explain each treatment option making sure we understood every detail, his English is perfect, using the X-rays as a guide which provided us with a cost range to fit our budget. I found his pricing to be less than what he quoted to me in his email and chose to have the implant surgery which was the most expensive of my options. I believe Dr. Gadea and his staff provided the most refined and capable dentistry I have ever had and always felt comfortable in his office and in his chair. He was always receptive to my questions and provided answers that were complete and understandable.

Asheville, NC, USA

Were you pleased with the treatment?
Dr. Gadea is the best dentist in Costa Rica. I highly recommend his clinic. For many years I had a gap in my front teeth and he fixed it putting porcelain veneers and also doing laser whitening, using advance equipment. He gave me a new white smile and I am so happy with my treatment. Thanks Doctor Gadea.

Porcelain Veneers

Karla P.
Bloomfield, USA

Were you pleased with the treatment?
The results were wonderful and Dr. Gadea was great! The prices were about 1/4 of what I was quoted in the US. I was very pleased with the services I received.

8 tooth fixed bridge and a partial bridge


I was a little hesitant on traveling abroad for dental work, I mean I heard people doing it but never thought I would, well until I finally decided I wanted to have my smile back. You see I broke most of my teeth in several accidents over the years and never came around to getting them fixed as I did not like dental offices. 2014 was coming around the corner and I wanted to ring it in with a big change, I wanted my smile back, I wanted to smile in pictures again and I wanted to eat with no pain. I no longer wanted to be embarrassed by my awful teeth, so I went to my local dentist for an estimate. I was floored as to what amounted to a $30,000 estimate. I mean thats a price of a car!! So that intern lead me to look abroad. I took to google and contacted approximately 12 dental offices in several countries i.e Costa Rica, Puerto Rice, Mexico etc. I spent days and days on research and spend hours reading blogs of horror stories and some success stories and noticed one name kept popping up that had all positive reviews attached to it; it was that of Dr Gadea. I could not find one negative review not one. So I called Dr Gadea and to my surprise his response was quick his English flawless and his energy to help me permeated throughout our conversations. We addressed several of my concerns through a few telephone calls and a few emails and we set the date for Costa Rica.

Dr Gadea’s office is clean and his staff professional. This guy is an artist, takes extreme pride in his work. He worked diligently on my smile for 6 days even coming in to work on his day off. He fixed my cross-bite, my overbite, 3 root canals, 2 brides and several crowns. My teeth came out looking perfect! They look like teeth that I would be born with…..very natural. Don’t listen to what I’m saying let the pictures do the talking.

Not only did I ended up fixing all my teeth and getting that hollywood smile that I always longed for and for way less that I ever expected but I also got to visit a beautiful country and meet wonderful people and a man with a heart of gold and amazing talents….thank you Dr Gadea.

John I.
Florida, USA

Dear Doctor Gadea,

Thank you for your kind message. I do not have any concerns with my crowns and
veneers, and I am very happy with my smile. I get compliments all the time, and
people who new me say that it ‘s a great job and veneers look very natural. I hope you
will get few future clients, two my girlfriends are thinking about getting veneers in
Costa Rica. You are welcome to do whatever you need with my picture.

Thank you again. I am so glad I choose your clinic. Just love, love, love my beautiful

All the best to you and girls.


I was more than impressed with the professionalism, high level of expertise of Dr Gadea (highest credentials and postdoctoral training received through UCLA). All web verifiable. The cantilever bridge looks so great, and feels great. My Dentist in NYC tried to get me to have an implant. So glad I made the decision I did. Also Dr G’s English was very good, as were the ‘bedside manner’ and courtesy of the staff. Ive been back twice and will continue with Dr Gadea for the foreseeable future. If you are having doubts, don’t. You will thank me.

Michael P.
New York, USA

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