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At Clínica Gadea Ramírez, a Costa Rica endodontics provider, Drs. Gadea, Ramírez and Carvajal offer root canal therapy to repair teeth that have been severely damaged by infection or decay. The experienced dentists realize that when individuals hear the term “root canal,” they commonly associate it with the outdated root canal treatments of the past. However, modern root canal therapy is performed with local anesthetics and innovative dental technology to minimize — or completely eliminate — any discomfort the patient may experience during treatment. In reality, living with serious tooth decay can be more painful than undergoing root canal therapy to treat the problem.

By performing root canal therapy, Dr. Gadea, Dr. Ramírez or Dr. Carvajal can often save the damaged tooth instead of needing to extract it. The term “root canal” refers to the method of cleaning the canals that exist inside a tooth’s root.

Why the Dentists at Clínica Gadea Ramírez May Recommend Root Canal Therapy

Inside a tooth is a soft core, called dental pulp. Dental pulp — which extends from the visible part of the tooth to the tip of the root that is located in the jaw bone — encases tissue, blood vessels and nerves. If a tooth has a significant crack or a large cavity, bacteria can penetrate the dental pulp.

Bacteria that have advanced into the dental pulp can cause swelling of the tooth and neighboring tissue, and /or severe infection. If left untreated, this can lead to the loss of the affected tooth. Signs that bacteria may have entered the dental pulp include toothache, swelling in the face or neck area, swelling of the gum, and tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. At their advanced stages, infection and decay can cause pimple-like bumps, called abscesses, to develop on the gums.

When infection or decay begins to affect the nerves inside a tooth, the Clínica Gadea Ramírez dentist may advise root canal therapy to repair the tooth rather than extracting it. Root canal therapy repairs the tooth so it functions normally again.

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

Complete root canal therapy generally takes one or two visits to Clínica Gadea Ramírez. First, Dr. Gadea, Dr. Ramírez or Dr. Carvajal takes X-rays of the patient’s teeth, so he can determine the extent of damage or decay. Prior to starting root canal therapy, the dentist administers a local anesthetic, so the patient is comfortable during treatment. The root canal therapy provider next places a rubber-like sheet called a dental dam inside the mouth to ensure that the infected tooth stays clean and free of saliva. To start root canal therapy, the dentist cleans away any decay before making an opening in the visible portion of the infected tooth. He then accesses the dental pulp through the opening and removes any infected pulp. Once he is satisfied that the infected dental pulp has been thoroughly removed, he repairs the opening in the tooth.

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