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Everyone has a different idea of what makes a smile beautiful. No matter what aspect of your smile you’d like to improve, it’s important that the smile design process enable you to obtain your desired results. During the smile design process, our dentists will consider several factors, including your anatomical features, to create a tooth design specifically for you.

The smile design process consists of several steps that every patient goes through to achieve the best esthetic result. We will craft temporary restorations for you to wear and evaluate, giving you the opportunity to make any changes before the final restorations are created.

Pictures 1-4: After a diagnosis and analysis of the smile, we will determine the optimal tooth position, shape and length, and incorporate these elements into a pre-operatory mold.


Picture 1: Pre-operative smile


Picture 2: Pre-operative view of the teeth


Picture 3: Analysis and design


Picture 4: Design completed

Pictures 5-8: When the design is complete and the teeth have been prepared, our dentists will place the temporary restorations. The patient will wear the temporaries and evaluate the way they look as the final restorations are being crafted. If the patient wants to change an aspect of the design, the temporaries will be adjusted and the final restoration will duplicate the design of the approved temporary restoration.


Picture 5: Temporary restorations following the smile design


Picture 6: Final restoration following the smile design


Picture 7: Post-operative view of the teeth


Picture 8: Post-operative smile

For more detailed information about how we can help improve your smile, including a more accurate diagnosis and cost estimate, please provide X-rays of your smile as well as digital photos of your smile, using the following instructions.

Patient X-rays

Please send us recent panoramic or single X-rays of your smile.

Digital Pictures of the Patient’s Smile

Please take five photos of your smile and send them to us, using the following instructions.

  1. Use a digital camera in the “macro mode.”
  2. Use your fingers to retract your lips (when applicable) for the five photos that we need to assess your smile and provide your requested information
  3. Ask another person to take the following five pictures of you.
Full Frontal View

Photo 1: Full frontal view of your face while smiling

Close-up View

Photo 2: A close-up of your full smile

Retract View

Photo 3: Again, use your fingers to retract your lips, and bite your teeth together.

Upper Arch View

Photo 4: Retracting your lips, show your upper arch.

Lower Arch View

Photo 5: Retracting your lips, show your lower arch.

Please email this information including the five photos to
If you have film X-rays, you can scan them and either send them by email to the email address above or mail them to our physical address: Costa Rica Dental Services, Apartado 822-2050, San José, Costa Rica

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