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Clínica Gadea Ramírez

The dentists of Clínica Gadea Ramírez are recognized as top Costa Rica teeth whitening experts. They perform an array of whitening procedures that are carefully customized to match the desired shades of the patient’s teeth. The Clínica Gadea Ramírez team has many years’ experience performing tooth whitening treatments that are convenient, pain-free and highly effective.

Tooth Whitening: Is It for Me?

The color of the teeth is a unique feature determined by the genetics of each person. The passing of time inevitably damages the naturally white teeth. As a result, the color of one’s teeth often changes from clear tones to darker tones.

In addition, as we mature, decalcification might affect the color of the teeth. Other factors that might make you a teeth whitening candidate include bad mouth hygiene; drinking coffee, tea, or wine; eating chocolate, carrots and beets; and smoking. Other causes of stains and darkened teeth include certain medications, such as tetracycline.

Restoring a Dazzling Smile at Clínica Gadea Ramírez

Even if you have noticed a darkening of your teeth, you don’t have to lose the beautiful smile that everybody loves so much and that gives you so much confidence.

Clínica Gadea Ramírez offers the most modern laser whitening techniques, which safely whiten your teeth without damaging them or your dental tissues. At our San Jose, CR cosmetic dentistry offices, you can achieve the amazing white smile you always wanted after sitting comfortably in a dental chair for just one hour.

In addition to in-office whitening treatments, you can also receive an ambulatory system. This system works in the privacy of your home, allowing you to obtain a white smile in just eight days. If you would like to learn more about this whitening option, please contact our office to talk to one of our experienced teeth whitening experts – Dr. Rodolfo Gadea, Dr. Marisel Ramirez, or Dr. Magali Carvajal.

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